Why I’m Running

I'm Eric Burnette and I'm running for Congress to stand up for working families and rural America.

Our current leadership is stripping health care from thousands of Oregonians and that is not acceptable. We need leadership that is standing up for us and I will work for us to make sure everyone has access to health care. As a hard working Oregonian I know how much health care matters and no one should have to make a choice between economic stability and their health.

Rural America has too long been ignored but as a resident of Eastern Oregon I know the impact rural America has on our country. It is time that rural development is prioritized. I will work to bring sustainable infrastructure to rural Oregon that can be used to increase economic prosperity. Everyone deserves to thrive not just get by.

Working families and union workers make up the vast majority of our country. Most of the great infrastructure we have currently is run by union workers and working families. These workers are currently being ignored by Washington as priority goes to big multi-national corporations. Yet, these people are who keep our state and country running. Teachers, electricians, food workers, paramedics, firefighters, and laborers keep us moving and it is the responsibility of our country to keep them thriving. Workers and families should be put first and I will fight to make sure that happens.


Eric Burnnette standing in front of a building with wooden siding.