What I Stand For

Someone's arm with a sphygomanometer, getting their blood pressure checked.

Health Care for All

Everyone deserves health care. It’s time to make good on our responsibility to all Americans. The Trump/Walden efforts to strip health care from tens of thousands of middle-class and low-income families in Oregon is simply unacceptable. I will fight to make sure Oregonians have the care they deserve.

Construction worker on the job.

Working Families and Unions

Working families are the backbone of America. We need to support hardworking families and union workers. Hard working families should not be living in poverty and we need policies that protect that. I will stand for working families and union workers.

A handfull of grain

Rural Investment and Communities

For far too long, rural communities have been ignored by the federal government. Rural America needs the same access to federal economic development and infrastructure funds as urban America. I will work for rural America.

Three wind turbines

Sustainable Energy Independence

As we move America forward, we must pursue renewable energy. Renewable energy brings economic revenue to Oregonians by creating jobs and export opportunities. Sustainability means that this revenue will continue into the next generations and help protect our home now and in the future.